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What an inspiring tribute to OpenTable UCC

May 6, 2013

We are honored that Wayne Majors, who performed with his wife at our Earth Day celebration, has written a song inspired by that day. Here’s his preliminary video.

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This year has also been very successful for Food for Kids Owasso. Thanks to the help of several area churches and organizations, we have provided weekend snacks for about 180 Owasso students this year. Kim Densmore has done a great job of coordinating this ministry.

We thank everyone who makes these great things happen, and we thank God for touching the hearts of our coworkers and allowing us to follow in the way of Jesus.

Faith Wylie, Lay Leader

Celebrate Earth Owasso is part of our Mission 4/1 Earth

April 7, 2013
Open Place Owasso

Open Place Owasso

What a busy, exciting month! Here’s why:

  • OpenTable UCC and Disciples Christian Church are joining together to plan a special day of worship focused on God’s sacred gift of our planet Earth on Sunday, April 20.
  • Some of our companions have visited with two potential candidates for our part time minister position. We will meet Friday, April 12, 7 p.m. for OpenTable Companions Meeting to discuss hiring a minister. This is an exciting time for our group.
  • We have received a grant from the KO Conference and hope to get our Open Place group together on a regular basis later this month.

Put these events on your calendar:

Thursday, April 11, 6 p.m. Celebrate Earth Planning session with dinner

Saturday, April 13, Worship at 5 p.m. featuring guest minister Dr. Bill McCutchen
followed by dinner.

Celebrate Earth smallCELEBRATE EARTH OWASSO April 20-22
Saturday, April 20, No worship (work session to set up for Sunday)
Owasso Farmers Market Opens for Season, 8 a.m. – Noon, YMCA parking lot
Owasso Pow Wow, 2 – 11 p.m., Owasso Seventh Grade Center

Sunday, April 21
10:30 a.m. Eco-centered Worship led by Rev. Dr. Bill McCutchen
Noon: Community Pot Luck organized by Open Table UCC
Afternoon: Environmental Awareness Booths, drumming, dancing, conversation
2 p.m. Sacred Earth Tree Planting Ceremony led by Bill Running Wolf Davis
3 p.m. Friendship Tree Planing Ceremony for OpenTable and Disciples to mark our putting down roots at Disciples
6 p.m. Stew Supper. Bring food items for a local food bank
7 p.m. Campfire and songs

Monday, April 22 Earth Day

At the Owasso Community Center, 76th St. N and Cedar
Thursday, April 11, 7-8 pm, Growing Tomatoes

Underwear for Haiti

February 3, 2012

Kim, Janelle, Cameron and Tim are ready to stuff 784 pair of underwear into duffle bags.

What are all those tighty whities doing stacked in front of the communion table?

Kim and Cameron are in Haiti on a mission trip this week. Thanks to their efforts, 784 people in Haiti will have a new pair of underwear. Kim and Cameron gathered new underwear for men, boys, women and girls from our companions at OpenTableUCC and from their coworkers.

Their goal was to gather 50 pounds of underwear. We exceeded that. After worship last week, we sorted by size and gender, then unwrapped all the underwear. Then, we stuffed it into vacuum bags and packed it tight.

Cameron (who is a drummer) is also taking drum sticks. Kim has some soccer balls to share.

We are blessed to be able to participate in their mission trip by shopping for underwear.


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